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I just love the way Mānuka hydrosol and essential oil rise in the distiller together as steam, they then make their way to the exit pipe.  Once the steam hits cold it turns into liquid and trickles into the glass funnel and separator below.  It is at this point that the separation between hydrosol and essential oil occur.  The yellow essential oil sits at the top and the hydrosol at the bottom.  

Many of us are aware of Mānuka essential oil and its benefits, however there's more to Mānuka than just essential oil.  There is another part of the distillation process that is mostly unheard of.  This part is called Mānuka hydrosol.  

Hydrosol and oil are both from the same plant but are different in appearance and makeup.  The oil is believed to carry the essence of the plant and the hydrosol carries droplets of essential oil as well as other plant compounds that are not found in the essential oil.  Hydrosol also carries the distilled water that was used in the distillation process.

Some botanical distillers prefer hydrosol over oil, believing that it contains more of the plants DNA.  I myself am undecided, I adore them both for their varied benefits.  One thing I do know is that they are both very important to me.  

I could carry on discussing Mānuka distilling but I'll cut to the chase and share some of the benefits of Mānuka hydrosol with you.  

Mānuka hydrosol is gentler than Mānuka essential oil.

Mānuka hydrosol has no age restrictions and can be used undiluted.

Mānuka can be used as a facial toner due to its astringent properties.

It can be used as a full bodied aroma in your diffuser.

Mānuka hydrosol is known to sooth an itching scalp as well as itchy skin.

Mānuka hydrosol can be used as a hair rinse.

Hydrosol can be used in a foot spa as part of a foot soak for smelly feet or toe and foot fungal infections.

And that's just some of the benefits of using Mānuka hyrosol.

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