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organic certified Manuka Leaf powder in a wooden spoon. Product of New Zealand

Mighty Manuka Leaf Powder and its uses


Manuka leaf powder has a variety of health focused properties. Creating a powder from the leaves of this unique native plant has provided us with more ways to utilise its unique benefits.  

How is Manuka leaf powder is made? Our Manuka leaves are hand harvested and then sent off for processing to an organic certified freeze-drying facility in New Zealand. The leaves are then processed into a powder. There are no added ingredients just 100% organic Manuka leaf.

What properties are in Manuka leaf powder? Manuka leaves contain a variety of unique properties and benefits. Manuka leaf powder (Gabanuka) from the native tea farm is rich in the free amino acid GABA (y amino butyric acid) GABA is the main neurotransmitter in the human brain and is known for its anti anxiety properties. It also contains antioxidants, antiviral, anti bacterial properties, nutrients and vitamins.

How can Manuka Leaf powder be used?  Manuka leaf powder is a concentrated and versatile version of the whole leaf. We use manuka leaf powder not only as an instant tea but also in our native salt collection. While our manuka leaf powder is food-certified, it is an excellent ingredient for cosmetic applications. Face-masks, oil infusions, bath bombs, and soaps alike.

How is the leaf powder different from whole Manuka leaves? The leaf powder releases more of its flavour from that of the whole leaf. It is quicker to release its properties due to its powdered state.

What does manuka leaf powder taste and smell like? Manuka leaf powder has a unique taste and contains all of the benefits of the whole leaf. It has a sweet herbaceous and floral aroma. The flavour of manuka leaf powder differs from that of the whole leaves. Manuka leaf powder is slightly bitter in hot water with the same floral notes as the whole leaf. It is a concentrated version of the whole leave and only a small amount is needed per serve.

Natural flavour booster: Manuka Leaf contains the natural form of the flavour enhancer MSG.  It is great at enhancing and helping to bring out the flavours within foods.

What is the colour of Manuka leaf powder? Our Manuka Leaf powder has a beautiful deep green colour. It is pure and unadulterated, and has a long shelf life.

Manuka trees in Spring.  




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