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coffee free lattes with edible flowers on top

2 coffee free alternatives, that have convinced us to make the switch

When it comes to our mornings, there is nothing like a warm cup of coffee before work to get us up and moving.  When going to our local coffee shop for our usual latte, the owner enthusiastically served Dan and I up one of her beetroot lattes. 

Apprehensive at first I was surprised at just how delicious this herbal latte was. I realised then I could easily make the switch and drink a beet latte instead of my normal caramel latte.

One thing I noticed after drinking it, was that I didn’t get an energy spike and then ultimately a crash afterwards like I do with a coffee latte.

Interested in my new experience, I chatted to the coffee owner who is a pro at making these herbal lattes. She filled me in on all their health benefits and that they are caffeine free.  

One thing that really impressed me is their full vibrant colours that come from mother nature. The beetroot and turmeric lattes definitely bring back those spring vibes with their beautiful colours. I think I have found a new best friend for our Certified organic  edible flower petals!  

Tumeric latte is just as good as the beetroot one, it has a unique earthy and warm flavour that warms you from the inside out.

If you are considering a caffeine free alternative to coffee then the herbal lattes are definitely my pick. 

two kiwis drinking lattes

There are shops that sell herbal latte pre made mixes, or if you are like me and enjoy your cafe outings, you may be better off finding a local cafe that can make one for you. 

What is a coffee alternative? : A coffee alternative is a non coffee product, that may look like a coffee, usually without caffeine.

What is good about them? They are caffeine free and contain wellness properties from the plants that are used to make them.

Where can they be sourced? There are many health shops and online stores that sell the DIY mixes. You could also have a go at mixing your own at home with the right ingredients. If in doubt try one at your local cafe first. 

What's the cost? Cafe prices are around $6-$7 for a large cup. The pre made mixes cost around $25 for a DIY bag. 

Finally if you want to be a little bit fabulous then add our organic edible flower petals, they are the perfect match!  

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